About Calvin V. Lenig Coal Preparation & Sales

Anthracite coal is brought in from mines where it is cleaned through heavy media cleaning and sized. Anthracite coal is a shiny black color primarily used for heating residential and commercial buildings. Anthracite coal is the most compressed and hardest coal available, which means that it produces more heat than softer coal. Anthracite is also the cleanest burning coal and burns longer than wood.

The anthracite coal is known as the “hard coal” which was found in Northeastern Pennsylvania below the Allegheny Ridge southwest of Harrisburg. It was most possibly first used in 1769. The coal was found in six counties ( Carbon,Columbia,Lackawanna, Luzerne,Northumberland,Schuylkill and small portion in Dauphin County). Which was heavily mined throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries.